Pull-outs Create an Inexpensive Upgrade

Sometimes it’s the small changes that can transform the functionality of a kitchen. When your cabinets are organized and easily accessible, you can save both space and time. One amenity found in most modern kitchens is pull-out cabinet shelves. No more hunting for and retrieving items formerly lost in the back recesses of cabinets.
Almost any cabinet can be retrofitted with pull-out cabinetry shelving to create a high-end upgrade that’s easy on the budget, saving homeowners thousands of dollars by keeping the existing kitchen cabinets. The exteriors can be refinished and the inside repurposed to be a more efficient use of space.
Cabinets were originally designed to store the essential items used in the daily preparation of meals. Over time, kitchen gadgets became more plentiful, and shelves became repositories for smaller, once-a-year appliances, such as bread machines, pasta makers, coffee bean grinders, and so on.
To make items in the cabinets more accessible – if not more in demand — many homeowners have retrofitted cabinets with pull-out shelving and other custom features.
In general, most cabinets can be upgraded by removing the existing adjustable shelves and installing pull-out shelving. Most pull-outs come with gliding hardware and can hold up to 100 pounds.
Pull—out shelving is also being used in bathrooms, linen closets, laundry rooms, offices and workshops. Prices will vary, depending on size, style and material used for the project. Wire baskets can be priced as low as $15 to $20 per basket. In an average-size kitchen, solid wood pull—outs range between $500 and $750, plus installation.
But more and more homeowners are making the investment. Not only do pull-outs drastically reduce back aches, the number of items forever lost at the back of the cabinet is eliminated.